Imagine telling prospective tenants your website is advertised on “”. If you own a shopping center in Kailua Kona, Hawaii you know how expensive it is to Advertise for your shop owners. Your expenses go through the roof.

If you are successful, you are using every tool in the box to advertise. You advertise in the West Hawaii newspaper, you advertise on different radio stations and you have a great website.


Is your site getting all of the clicks it can? Is your website getting a steady amount of traffic organically? Do you have a generic domain name that people actually “type-in”? A type-in lead is when someone is tired of search engine results and types what they are looking for in the browser with a .com behind it. gets a lot of these. It is a new website and the domain name was previously parked in CashParking.

We have powered this site with WordPress. Facebook uses WordPress as well as PlayStation, Bloomberg, Sony Music, Microsoft News Center and Disney to name a few. The reason we use WordPress is because their SEO is unparalleled and updated automatically. So don’t be surprised to see this website on top of the search engines soon for search terms like Kona Shopping and Shopping in Kona… etc…

Now it is possible for you to be included on this site. is now making it possible to advertise on this excellent domain name and this beautiful website. Having one website is paramount to advertising. Sharing your website on a dominate website like this is like having another business location bringing new leads in everyday!

kona websites

We will create a colorful webpage that links to your tenant’s businesses. We will modify the page to your business name, your pictures, your shop owner lists, your contact information. Try it out for a month. See how how “” rolls off your tongue when you tell people about your new website. See how it looks on your business cards, brochures, emails and Social Media.


Rent a page for a month and see what kind of traffic you get.


Call (808) 640-0072 to reserve a site for you right away before it’s no longer available! With $100 down and $100 each month you can use this site for as long as want. There is no commitment to continue past the first month! We are so confident that you will be so impressed with your traffic, you won’t want to leave us!



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